Click bait and fake advertising has taken over. Everyone appreciates the real story. Conveying your core identity readies your brand for tackling the future. We create Truth.

Herah has a strong background in cultural, artistic, and multimedia projects. Our consultancy designs brands that captivate your users. We convert brand data into visual experiences that matter and stand out.

Honest brands last forever. 

We make your brand’s truth loud.

“Herah realized aspects of our identity that we did not. They brought our hybrid game-work nature to our attention and brand.”

David Wigemark, Founder of uQuest

Eldin Herenda – Bold, clean, and simple are his favorite words. He is dedicated to his work and does not plan to retire – ever! His biggest challenge was designing the Libyan Pavillion for the Shanghai Expo in 2010. His first logo was drawn on a piece of paper, and it was sold that way when he still attended the high school for Arts in Sarajevo. Now, almost 20 years of experience later, he still lives to wrap all your brand, web, and mobile projects into shiny goodies your users will devour.

Lamija Herenda – A multimedia director by profession, she loves psychology and curiosity-fueled research. She makes sure everything is backed up by factual data. Her phone is filled with apps she downloads to see how they work and feel. Today, she’s excited about new technologies and the possibilities they offer for creativity. Her management skills, her understanding of human needs,  and her photographic sense are creatively used for engaging brand stories with beautiful user-friendly designs.

Eldin Herenda

Lamija Herenda

We’re a 

We have experts for all your projects and needs. This includes photographers, filmmakers, developers, PR wolves, Digital wizards, illustrators, sound designers, printers, event managers, and more who shall remain without a title.


Brand Identity
Art Direction
Web Design and Development
iOS & Android Apps UI

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Todays keyword to success is simplicity.
How users experience and feel about your brand is as important as the quality of your product and service. We will hear you out and learn about your brand. Together we will figure out how you wish to grow, listen to your brand voice or create a new one. More importantly, we will listen to your users and extract the essence of what motivates them.


Need a new poster, banner, or flyer, digital or printed? Maybe your social media needs a remake? We got you covered! Tell us more about your brand, product, or event that you want to advertise. We will use all our collective superpowers to deliver eye candy your users cant get enough of.

No Sweat

We will take your iOS and Android app to a new level. We will wireframe, design, and prototype it to the point where it is prepped for export, with a tool like zeppelin. Also, we can provide a reliable network capable of delivering the project as a whole. We already have our contact books filled with diverse engineers, so you are covered whether you need responsive web solutions, native apps, hybrid apps, or something else entirely.

Common Sense

We are here to help you improve your brand experience in every way. Sometimes an experienced eye is what you need to identify and solve a problem quickly. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in outdated methods and processes. On more than one occasion designers forget about the reality of budgets, we, however, are reasonable. Together we can find the latest approach to get your brand to market ASAP.

Every brand has a personality, and we’re passionate about enhancing what makes yours unique.


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