How to turn a 349 pages long book into a website? With great information architecture! The Creative Portfolio, published by Media Marketing is a collection of the most successful advertising campaigns in the Adriatic region.

How to organise so much information? With a simple yet elegant solution – two easily navigable menus, that will help visitors quickly find what they are looking for. The user can choose to browse festivals and agencies on a completely new tab, as well as see the top 10 most awarded campaigns in the Adriatic region.

Ekrem Dupanović is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Media Marketing, Art & Business and Woman.Comm. He started working in the advertising industry 49 years ago. Given that he is a big fan of the print media, we knew that his biography page must look like a book.

Asja Dupanović, although a psychologist by profession, has spent most of her life skiing, then snowboarding, and then nurturing creative ideas in the advertising industry with her father Ekrem, Media Marketing, Dragan Sakan and New Moment New Ideas Company.

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