“Something old, something new” was our mantra while rebranding MINA news, one of Montenegrin favorite news agencies. They have existed since 2001 and a revamp was needed to appeal to younger readers, as well as to promote their ever more popular video service.

Keep it tradional, but make it new!

New tradition.

We kept the same colors, inspired by the Montenegrin flag, but translated them into the digital era. More vibrant, but with the same roots. We traveled to Podgorica to meet the journalists and founders. We saw a culture that nurtures new ideas and technologies, and a passionate commitment to truthful reporting. We learned that we should be keeping something old in the new.

Mina is bold.
So is Montserrat

Mina is prepared for the future! We created an icon that is perfect for a future app or as a trademark.

Portal of truth

Commitment to honest reporting, without sensationalism, is a rarity today. MINA news agency wants to become THE place where you can read, but also double-check the news read somewhere else. In Montenegrin language, “MINA i tačka” means “MINA, period”, MINA should become your first and last stop for truth. Hence the dot in the logo.

Feel free to contact us, we
don’t bite. (Unless you are
made of chocolate!)

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