What does a football player and a modern bank have in common? They both want to achieve the most with as little contact as possible.

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No contact!

As soon as the Bank invited us to create commercials focused on their contactless payment bracelet, we immediately started looking for a link with football. Football is a huge part of almost every Bosnian and Herzegovinian, and Miralem Pjanic is one of the favorite players. No pressure! Pjanic is a creative player that tends to keep the ball for a long time, thus he is subject to punches, and hits, or better said contacts. In football, contact is essentially forbidden and considered a fault. Although in Banking contact is not so dramatic, paying without contact makes everything faster and helps you score your goals easier (pun intended).

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Miralem Pjanic, world-famous football player, and Raiffeisen Brand ambassador, really rocks the contactless payment bracelet like it’s made of pure gold. Looking good Pjanic šŸ˜‰

Making off


Creative directors: Lamija Herenda & Eldin Herenda

Director: Timur Makarević

DOP: Almir Đikoli

Costume & scenography: Emina Kujundžić

Makeup: Lamija Hadžiomerović

Still photographer: Jasmin Fazlagić

Sound Design: Mirza Tahirović – Studio Chelia

Voiceover: Samir MrÅ”ević

Sound recorder: Predrag Doder

Focus Puller: Faris Dobraća

Gaffer: Safet Kutlovac – K LIGHT

Key Grip: Aldin Arnautović – GRIPTIM

Casting agency: Zona Sarajevo

Producers: ES-3A, Adnan BeÅ”irović BeÅ”ko & Adisa Smajić

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