At the time when most Bosnian bank apps were old-fashioned and slow, we partnered up with Raiffeisen Bank to give users an easy-to-use mobile banking app. Challenge: Create an app that would feel modern, be easily upgradable with widgets, and so simple your grandparents could use it without calling you constantly for help.

Welcome aboard

There is always space for improvement in app design! The app is upgraded with new functions constantly. We designed a dashboard in a way that the user can easily add or hide widgets based on their preferences and needs.

Dark revolution

The Dark app theme is better for dark environments as it reduces eye strain and conserves battery power. The white app theme, on the other hand, performs much better in bright daylight. Although the first intention was to design just the white skin, with all the invasion of dark-skinned apps and more people switching to the dark side, we knew we had to join the dark revolution.

Yellow that is yours.

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